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Key information for suppliers

Discover the values, ethics and regulatory standards that all Ontario Power Generation suppliers must maintain, for the good of Ontarians.

Supply chain management

OPG expects our suppliers to demonstrate business integrity that aligns with our values of safety, integrity, excellence, and people and citizenship. We collaborate with suppliers who have been pre-qualified, have the requisite expertise to support OPG’s business strategies, and who comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct. To learn more, see our Supplier Code of Conduct Frequently Asked Questions towards the bottom of our Suppliers page.

The Supply Chain supports OPG’s vision to consistently provide the material and services required by the business at the right time for the best value. We are committed to developing strategic sourcing initiatives with preferred suppliers to achieve our goals.

It’s important to note that not all vendors qualify. OPG's procurement is largely restricted to pre-qualified vendors, based on needed expertise for a particular type of opportunity, and may not be open to all vendors who have successfully completed a vendor application with OPG.

Who can qualify?

See how working with OPG involves layers of qualifications and approvals.

The supplier qualification process is the initial stage of supplier management for all OPG suppliers.

We require all suppliers and contractors providing services (and their subcontractors) who wish to do business with OPG, to be pre-qualified based on a demonstration of their ability to manage the health and safety, environmental, and quality aspects of the contracted work, in addition to satisfying the technical and commercial requirements of the work.

OPG has selected ISN to effectively manage supplier and contractor Health and Safety and Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) pre-qualification requirements and to serve as OPG’s primary contractor/supplier information management system.

Procurement opportunities

Learn more about OPG’s Publicly Posted Procurement Opportunities.

Ontario Power Generation is a party to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and must abide by the terms and conditions of these trade agreements when undertaking procurements.

Any procurement opportunity covered by these agreements as well as selected other procurement opportunities are posted on Ariba Discovery.

The terms and conditions of CFTA and CETA specify award decisions be posted 72 days after award.

Health and safety pre-qualifications

Explore what information we require as part of your Supplier Company’s ISN subscription, and what information we can access through the Terms and Conditions.

Populate your company information to include company contact information, main and branch office locations and types of work/industry classifications. Populating this section will provide OPG with your company’s most current contact information.

Complete the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ), which will be utilized to gather your company’s Health and Safety, Environment, and Quality data.

OPG will use the registered information to track and verify your company’s Insurance Certificates, Workers Compensation Clearance Rate Statement(s) and Account Status, Certificate of Recognition (COR) / Small Employer COR (SECOR) certificates, ISO Certificate, and OPG site-specific documentation.

Your company will be required to submit copies of your written health and safety, environment, and quality programs that ISN Review and Verification Services (RAVS) will review for compliance with regulatory and/or OPG’s standards.

The information provided will be reviewed and verified to ensure compliance with OPG’s requirements and help identify any gaps that may exist. Annual subscription pricing is provided on the ISN website.


At OPG, we want to choose the best-performing suppliers, to help maintain our standards of lowest cost and greatest quality delivered on time.

OPG encourages suppliers to enhance their quality processes in delivering products and services which meet the strict technical and quality requirements. The supplier's quality capability may be subject to OPG audits or assessments, which are commensurate with the scope of work and specified quality requirements.

OPG specifies various Quality Assurance Program requirements, which are applicable for specific product and services.

OPG seeks continuous improvement in how we work with and manage our relationships with suppliers.

We encourage suppliers to contact and submit feedback on how we have worked with you, and suggestions on how we can improve on our performance.

This mailbox is monitored by a small team of OPG’s Supply Chain staff who operate at arm’s-length from OPG’s contract award process. All feedback received via this mailbox will remain anonymous unless you indicate otherwise.

This mailbox is reserved for performance improvement.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) published and released a new N299 Series of Standards for use (N299.1, N299.2, N299.3 and N299.4).

These new standards:

  • Were developed specifically for the nuclear industry,
  • Use a graded approach to define a consistent set of quality assurance program requirements for the provision of items and services for nuclear power plants, and
  • Replace the withdrawn CSA Z299 Series of Standards, which have not been maintained current since 1985.

Canadian nuclear utilities, including the CANDU Procurement Audit Committee, started the audit cycle qualification assessments using the new standards (applicable to suppliers qualified to one of the CSA Z299 Series of Standards) on April 1, 2018.

Suppliers with triennial supplier qualification audit cycles that fell on or after April 1, 2018, were expected to have a documented quality program in place that meets the applicable requirements of the associated CSA N299 Standard by that date.

Memo – Transition Plan to CSA N299 (PDF)

Suppliers are expected to inform OPG of any changes in their organization or Quality Assurance Program that may have an impact on the product or service.

OPG supplier quality improvement

Explore how OPG emphasizes progress and innovation in everything we do.

To conduct our business in a safe, efficient and effective manner, OPG has to manage purchase-order deliveries of materials that, unfortunately, do not meet our high standards for quality.

As of Jan. 1, 2017, suppliers are required to provide Return Authorizations upon request for all items that are found to be non-conforming due to supplier-generated errors. OPG will immediately return all new non-conforming items at the supplier’s cost.

As of Nov. 21, 2016, suppliers are requested to establish the warranty period for materials they are providing at the time of shipment. The warranty requirements and the standard purchase clause for warranty requirements documents outline the applicability to all QL1 and QL3 items for specifying their warranty requirements against wrong part, defective part, part failure during warranty period of part recall.

Suppliers have the obligation to promptly inform OPG of any non-conformances or quality incidents related to products or services delivered to OPG. Suppliers shall provide sufficient and detailed information.

Our Indigenous partners

Explore how OPG works with Ontario’s Indigenous communities to operate with transparency and clarity.

OPG implemented a change to our procurement practices in order to grow long-term and mutually beneficial working relationships with Indigenous communities near our current and future operations.

We want to engage more Indigenous businesses, with the goal of supporting social and economic development in local Indigenous communities. Indigenous businesses may self-identify through their enrollment in OPG’s Vendor List and Ariba by completing and submitting OPG-FORM-0255 - Indigenous Business Declaration form to register their status. Filling this out informs OPG of potential Indigenous inclusion opportunities

Suppliers can find the latest revisions of forms required to fulfill orders with OPG. Additional forms will be added here going forward.

Transportation Services provides OPG with economical and reliable solutions for the transport of goods (domestic and international) by all modes of transportation no matter the size, weight or complexity.

The service also includes international trade consultation, management of transportation contracts, and ensuring compliance with all Federal and International regulations.

Please address your inquiries to:

Electronic business collaborations

E-business is a key component in the procure-to-pay process. As part of our strategy, we are pursuing all opportunities with suppliers to bring efficiencies to our mutual business process and enable greater transactional improvements.

OPG contracted Ariba to facilitate and to provide supplier capability on behalf of OPG. Suppliers of any size or technical competency can conduct business with OPG via Ariba.

This platform provides OPG a flexible, internet-based framework for conducting electronic document exchange for purchase orders, advanced shipment notifications and invoice transactions with preferred suppliers.

OPG’s Supply Chain uses a variety of tools in our processes. Both prospective and incumbent suppliers have an active role in online events and activities. Since many of these technologies may be new to our suppliers, there are automated, self-service help tutorials and documentation available to increase supplier proficiencies. This format provides suppliers with an easily accessible tool they can use at their convenience.