Public safety

Putting public safety first

Nothing Ontario Power Generation (OPG) does matters unless the communities we work in are safe and our employees can go home to their families each night. In other words, in our business, safety comes first. With OPG's strong commitment to the well-being of its employees and communities, we have a safety record that we can be proud of.

Preventing accidents is no accident

Robust governance and oversight mechanisms ensure the safety and integrity of OPG's operations for its employees and communities.

A motorboat approaches a water safety boom near our Alexander Generating Station.

Stay clear, stay safe

With 66 hydroelectric stations and 239 dams across 24 river systems, OPG is serious about water safety.

A male worker in protective plastic clothing stands in a hallway within the protected area of a nuclear station.

Nuclear emergency preparedness

A nuclear emergency remains highly unlikely, but that doesn't stop OPG from being prepared. Our robust emergency planning means we are ready for anything.

Sparks fly as a male worker in protective gear uses a grinder.

iCare campaign

We continuously strive for zero injuries. Our iCare campaign is all about what safety means to our employees. Our grounded-in-safety actions are what will propel us to the next level of safety performance.

Three workers in hard hats talk while walking through a turbine hall.

Total health initiative

Fostering a culture committed to safety includes providing education, empowerment, and resources to help recognize and respond to mental health issues in the workplace.

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