Governance and regulation

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Strong governance for strong performance

To be an effective and efficient energy provider, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has developed corporate governance and leadership policies and programs.

The Province of Ontario is OPG’s sole shareholder. This means that, each quarter, the activities of OPG and its subsidiaries generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the province to spend on roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, or other provincial priorities. To generate this return while providing clean, reliable, and low-cost power to the people of Ontario, OPG relies on robust governance structures.

Explore the principles, directives, and leadership that help guide our decisions, for the benefit of Ontario.

Regulatory reporting

Learn more about OPG's regulatory compliance through our environmental reports, station events and updates, and operational performance reports.

Code of business conduct

In everything we do, OPG and its employees strive to operate ethically and with integrity.

Low pressure turbine steam inlet casings with stationary blades, remove from Darlington Unit 2 for refurbishment.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has extensive expertise managing large companies, including those with nuclear operations, and overseeing regulatory, government and public relations.

Large metal housings that contain steam within the low pressure turbines of a nuclear turbine.

Enterprise leadership team

Our dynamic and experienced leadership team provides OPG with the experience and expertise to help power Ontario.

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