Bobbi the Buoy says: Be dam safe!

Hello Ontario, Bobbi the Buoy here. As Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) hydro dam safety champion, I’m here to tell you to stay clear, stay safe, and be dam safe!

Life is great when you’re a buoy. Nothing gets me down, not even strong currents. But the same can’t be said for you! While I can bob along with rough waters, you can’t do the same. And trust me, the waters around dams and hydro stations can change in an instant, without any warning. Within seconds, water levels can rise, become turbulent, and create a life-threatening situation.

So, while you’re out having fun in Ontario’s great outdoors, please be dam safe. I’ll show you how, below!

Follow Bobbi’s advice: Don’t cross their line

A word to the wise, to avoid premature demise, don’t enter the dangerous waters around dams and hydro stations.”

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For your safety...

Stay back

from waters above or below hydro facilities!

Keep out

from areas with fences, buoys, booms and barriers!


stand, anchor or tie your boat below a dam!


obey all warning signs!

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Bobbi the Buoy: I’m there for a reason

Hi there, Bobbi here again. I may look cheerful and smiley, but I’m here to do a very serious job. And that’s to keep you and your family away from trouble. You see, me and my friends, we’re there for a reason. When you see us lined up on the water’s surface near a dam or hydroelectric station, we’re signaling a very real danger zone. If you decide to cross our line, you’re putting your life on the line.

Bobby the Buoy says Be Dam Safe!
Bobbi the Buoy says: Stay clear, stay safe, and be dam safe!

You’ll see us buoys at dams across Ontario and the U.S., keeping people safe every day. In Ontario, OPG operates 66 hydroelectric stations and 239 dams on 24 river systems. In the U.S., OPG operates more than 80 hydro stations through its Eagle Creek subsidiary. So, we’re everywhere, staying vigilant and saving lives.

When you’re near any of these facilities, just remember one thing: Dams can create currents that can kill.

It’s a scary thought, but you need to hear it straight from someone who’s seen it all.

In my time, I’ve seen how water levels and flows can change rapidly and with little to no warning. It may be fun for a buoy like me, but I can assure you, it’s no laughing matter for humans. To top it off, most of OPG’s facilities are remotely controlled, so there’s nobody there to warn you of danger. That means if you suddenly find yourself in turbulent waters, it might be too late, and not even a buoy like me will be able to save you.

So, if you’re a boater, angler, or just a recreational enthusiast, please remember to obey all the warning signs around OPG’s dams and hydro stations. Maintain a safe distance from booms, barriers, and buoys marking the danger zone. And stay clear and stay safe to be dam safe.

Did you know?

In cold weather, ice forming near dams is deceptively thin and can give way beneath you, plunging you into dangerously cold and turbulent waters.

Dry or calm riverbeds below dams may look safe but they can quickly change into rapidly flowing waterways with dangerous currents.

Deliberately disregarding safety measures around hydro stations and dams puts your own life at risk as well as the lives of first responders who are called to save you. Please don’t forget that and respect the measures in place for your safety.
Paul Seguin
Senior Vice President, Renewable Generation
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PFD leanding program.

PFD lending program

We’re a proud sponsor of Ontario Parks’ Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Lending Program. Visit participating parks across Ontario and borrow a life jacket free of charge.

An employee performing a snow survey.

Spring thaw is when our work heats up

We work with nature to predict conditions and manage our river systems for the safety of people and the environment.

Dam safety and emergency response

OPG is proud of its reputation as a world leader in dam safety. Our hydro stations and dams are diligently inspected, assessed, monitored, and maintained according to Canadian Dam Association standards.

In our host communities, we work closely with local stakeholders including conservation authorities and provincial agencies on emergency planning, watershed management, and flood response.

We meet regularly with these stakeholders and emergency responders to ensure they’re familiar with our facilities and the emergency procedures we would follow in the event of a flood or dam failure. Emergency responders also participate in drills to practice those procedures.

Of note, neither OPG nor its predecessor company Ontario Hydro have ever experienced a dam failure.

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