Powering large industry – sustainably

Electrifying Ontario's industries

Ontario is an industrial powerhouse. From mining and metallurgy to automotive and aerospace, as the engine of Canada’s economy, Ontario’s heavy industries are hungry for energy. And Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has a plan to supply them with the reliable, low-cost, and clean power they need to continue to create jobs and drive Ontario’s economy forward.

Reducing industry’s carbon footprint

In Ontario, heavy industry accounts for roughly one-quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. But through innovative partnerships and the pioneering of new technologies, OPG, and our subsidiaries, are exploring ways to make heavy industry energy independent and carbon-free. This will help attract more investments to the province which in turn will create jobs and growth for communities across Ontario.

An illustration of Global First Power's proposed Micro Modular Reactor project.

Global First Power MMR

Global First Power, a joint partnership between OPG and Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, is building a micro modular reactor capable of generating 15 megawatts (MW) of thermal energy and 5 MW of electricity that can be used to provide industrial projects with heat and energy.

Working with X-energy on the Xe-100, we can help heavy industry reach climate change goals by using clean, safe electricity and high temperature steam efficiently produced through evolutionary nuclear technology to power their production facilities and enable decarbonization of their industrial processes.
Ken Hartwick
OPG President and CEO

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