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Powering Ontario's future

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is proud to be one of the largest, most diverse power producers in North America.

We invest millions in local economies and employ thousands of people to maintain a modern, sophisticated energy fleet. And we partner with local, environmental, and Indigenous groups to improve the well-being of our site communities.

Explore our beginnings and the work we are doing now to secure a clean energy future.

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Our generation portfolio in Ontario

hydroelectric stations

nuclear stations

solar facility

biomass station

dual-fuelled oil and gas station

Atura Power combined-cycle gas turbine stations

OPG also owns a number of additional facilities in Ontario and the United States:

  • Our US hydroelectric operations — OPG wholly or jointly owns and operates 85 hydroelectric generating stations and holds minority interests in 14 hydroelectric and two solar facilities in the United States through our US-based wholly-owned subsidiary, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy.
  • Our gas-fired combined-cycle generating stations — Our subsidiary, Atura Power, is the operator of four combined-cycle gas turbine generating stations located in Ontario.
  • Bruce nuclear stations — We also own two other nuclear generating stations in Ontario that are leased to Bruce Power L.P.
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An aerial view of Sills Island hydroelectric station.

2022 annual report

Read about our 2022 financial and operating performance.

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