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A female worker wearing protective clothing on top of a huge turbine in a nuclear power station.

About us

Ontario Power Generation is proud to be one of the largest, most diverse clean power producers in North America.

We invest millions in local economies and employ thousands of people to maintain a modern, sophisticated energy fleet. And we partner with local, environmental and Indigenous groups to improve the well-being of our site communities.

Explore how OPG is proud of our past, but focused on the future of power generation.

Our generation portfolio in Ontario

66 Hydroelectric


2 Nuclear


3 Thermal


1 Solar


OPG also owns or co-owns a number of additional facilities in Ontario and the United States:

  • United States Hydroelectric Platform — OPG owns a portfolio of hydroelectric generating stations in the United States through a wholly-owned subsidiary, currently operating under the Eagle Creek Renewable Energy and Cube Hydro brands. The portfolio includes interests in 98 hydroelectric generating stations, of which 84 are wholly-owned owned and operated, and minority shareholdings in two solar facilities in the United States.
  • Co-owned gas-fired combined cycle generating stations — OPG is also a co-owner but not an operator of the Portlands Energy Centre natural gas-fired combined cycle generating station in Ontario.

  • Bruce nuclear stations — OPG also owns two other nuclear generating stations in Ontario which are leased to Bruce Power L.P.