What we do

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We power Ontario, and the world

What we do is about what you do. We keep Ontario supplied with clean, safe, and reliable electricity so that you can build a business, raise a family, or just enjoy a night out on the town.

Every time you turn on the light, charge your phone, or switch on the TV, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is helping to make it happen. That's because we produce over 50% of Ontario's electricity, and we do it almost entirely from clean, low-emission, climate-friendly sources like hydro and nuclear.

And we power so much more. From energy innovations that put Ontario on the global stage, to our subsidiaries like Eagle Creek, which provides clean, renewable power to the United States, our power is changing the world.

Downtown Toronto at dusk, Canada

We power life in Ontario

Our diverse generating stations supply the province with clean, reliable power 24/7/365. Learn more about where your power comes from.

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Our generation.

All generation

Explore our interactive station map by simply selecting one of the power generation icons below:

An aerial view of Mountain Chute hydroelectric station.

We fight climate change

From the development of new clean technologies to our efforts to protect and conserve the environment, OPG is working to help fight climate change. Read about our plan to lower emissions across Ontario.

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Our path to net-zero

OPG has committed to being a net-zero company by 2040 and to act as a catalyst for a net-zero economy by 2050. Learn about how we will get there.

Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility. 3d rendering.

Advancing clean energy technologies

OPG and our subsidiaries are on the cutting edge of new, clean technologies to generate and store our electricity, as well as support electrification.

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