Northwestern Ontario communities

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Ontario Power Generation's (OPG's) Northwestern Operations include one biomass facility and 11 hydroelectric stations. Together they can provide the provincial grid with up to 900 megawatts (MW) of power. These stations, their employees and local host communities play an important role in generating clean, reliable power for Ontario.

See how we are a part of communities across Northwestern Ontario and learn about our many local programs, initiatives, and events.

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An aerial view of Whitedog Falls hydroelectric station.

Exploring Ontario's hydro opportunities

A new report identifies areas of high generation potential, and provides initial estimates on developing this potential.

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Pelly and his besties on a tandem bicycle

Meet Pelly

Pelly is a uranium pellet who loves powering nuclear generation, bananas, and hanging out with his besties.

Generating power with purpose

Our role in Ontario isn’t just measured by kilowatts (although we’re really good at producing them); it’s measured by our relationships, the impact we make and the future we leave to the next generation. That’s why we strive to be good corporate citizens who care about the environmental, economic, and social wellbeing of all Ontario.

The Power for Change Project volunteers

The Power for Change Program

OPG believes our power can help change the world, and not just by electrifying economies. This program was designed to give back to Ontario and to the communities where we operate, to help build a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

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Our generation in Northwestern Ontario

Stay clear. Stay safe.

OPG reminds you to please pay close attention to all warnings signs near our hydro stations and dams.

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