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OPG’s trusted suppliers

Explore how Ontario Power Generation is developing relationships with trusted suppliers who meet our requirements for price, quality, delivery, and service.

OPG Strategic Outlook - Update on vendor expectations

OPG Strategic Outlook - Update on vendor expectations

A letter from Chief Supply Officer, Karen Fritz, to vendors about OPG's strategic goals and expectations related to procurement.
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OPG’s procurement process

OPG has a procurement framework designed to ensure that the procurement processes are fair, open, transparent, geographically neutral, and accessible to qualified suppliers, subject only to the permitted exceptions set out in OPG’s governance.

OPG uses the appropriate procurement methodology depending on the type and value of each procurement.

Occasionally OPG may post procurement opportunities. Interested suppliers are encouraged to view the summaries on Ariba Discovery.

If suppliers participating in any OPG procurement activities have any complaints or concerns regarding the OPG procurement processes, they may submit their complaints or concerns to OPG following the OPG Procurement Complaint Process.

Setting standards

OPG expects all of our suppliers behave ethically and with integrity. The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the business conduct we expect including compliance, reporting, disclosure of conflicts of interest, and adherence to rules regarding gifts and entertainment.

Our Code of Conduct helps maintain transparency.

Supplier Code of Conduct FAQs

Explore our list of commonly asked questions about our Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the standard of business behaviour expected of OPG’s suppliers. We expect suppliers to act with honesty and integrity, be guided by our ethical values, and comply with both the spirit and intent of the Supplier Code.

The Supplier Code is comprised of three sections:

  • Introduction,
  • Values, and
  • Standards of Business Conduct.

The Supplier Code also outlines:

  • OPG’s expectations regarding code compliance,
  • Reporting,
  • Declaration of conflicts of interest, and
  • Rules around gift giving and entertainment.

The Supplier Code and Code of Business Conduct are OPG standards that take their authority from the Code of Business Conduct Policy.

The Code of Business Conduct Policy states OPG’s commitment to being an ethical company and outlines requirements and accountabilities. The Policy is reviewed annually and was approved by the OPG Board of Directors in March 2017.

Ethical business conduct by employees, suppliers, consultants, contractors, and business partners is a critical component of our operations. The aim of the Supplier Code is to hold our suppliers to the same high standards that we expect of our employees, and to ensure that suppliers working with OPG conduct their business in a manner that aligns with our values and corporate governance.

The Supplier Code applies to OPG suppliers, including their owners, employees, agents, partners and sub-contractors who provide goods and/or services to OPG.

OPG’s ethical values inform the standards of business behaviour that we expect of our employees and of our suppliers. The business conduct expected of suppliers is found in the Supplier Code and the business conduct expected of our employees is contained in the Code of Business Conduct.

OPG’s ethical values underpin what we do, and they do not change. Safety, integrity, excellence, people and citizenship all clarify what is important in our organization, guide our decision-making, and point the way to business conduct that results in successful individuals and a successful company.

In November 2015, the Supplier Code was approved by the OPG Board of Directors and it became effective Jan. 1, 2016.

The Supplier Code was amended by the Board of Directors in March 2017 to provide further clarity to suppliers on the disclosure of conflicts of interest, approval requirements for disclosing sensitive information and procurement practices.

The Supplier Code is reviewed every three years at a minimum.


Prior to Jan. 1, 2016, suppliers with active contracts were notified through an email communication from the Chief Supply Officer introducing the Supplier Code. The Supplier Code and related information are also available on this website.

New contracts issued after Dec. 31, 2015, incorporate the obligation to comply with the Supplier Code as part of the contract Terms & Conditions.

ARIBA-enabled suppliers with existing contracts with OPG will be prompted by the system for acknowledgement of compliance with the Supplier Code.

A failure to comply with the Supplier Code may result in suspension or termination, in whole or in part, of the supplier’s agreement(s) with OPG and may include removal from OPG’s vendor list.

OPG’s Supplier Code states that suppliers must not try to gain improper advantage or improperly impact an OPG employee’s ability to make sound, impartial, and objective decisions on behalf of OPG.

Suppliers must disclose in writing to the OPG contract owner and/or Chief Ethics Officer any situation that appears to conflict, or could potentially conflict, in any way, with the interests of OPG. This includes situations where an OPG employee has an interest in, or non-arm’s length relationship, to the supplier’s business.

It is mandatory for suppliers to declare to the manager of their OPG contract owner and the Chief Ethics Officer any actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest in writing. To make a declaration use the Supplier’s Declaration of Conflict of Interest or Potential/Perceived Conflict of Interest form.

Suppliers must never offer, ask for, give or receive any gift, gratuity, entertainment, hospitality, or benefit that may compromise or appear to compromise an OPG employee’s ability to make business decisions in the best interest of OPG.

If a supplier is unsure whether a gift or entertainment offer complies with the Supplier Code and/or the Code of Business Conduct, the supplier should consult with the intended recipient’s manager. OPG expects suppliers to maintain appropriate records of any gifts or entertainment offered or provided to OPG employees.

Suppliers must not disclose OPG sensitive information, except as required by law, to anyone outside OPG, without prior approval. Suppliers must not use OPG sensitive information for any improper purpose. This applies even after the supplier’s contract is complete.

Have a concern?

See how to report a violation or suspected violation of the Supplier Code or Code of Business Conduct, or for any concerns about financial accounting.

Suppliers who violate the Supplier Code or Code of Business Conduct or who are aware of conduct by others that violates or appears to violate the Supplier Code of Conduct or the Code of Business Conduct must report it to the OPG Ethics Office

Employees who violate the Code of Business Conduct or who are aware of conduct by others that violates or appears to violate the Supplier Code or the Code of Business Conduct must report it to their supervisor, HR business partner, or the OPG Ethics Office, at

Individuals may anonymously report concerns related to Code violations through OPG’s Anonymous Ethics Reporting Portal hosted by i-Sight. The Anonymous Ethics Reporting Portal provides a secure third-party reporting system and can also be reached by calling 1-800-693-0278.

Pressure Boundary CoA

OPG Pressure Boundary Certificates of Authorization