Our commitment to safety

Safety is our business

As an operator of nuclear power plants and hydroelectric stations, Ontario Power Generation's (OPG's) top priority is safety. While generating clean, reliable, and low-cost power for the people of Ontario is important, nothing is more important than the safety of our workers and the communities we serve. On this page, explore the many ways OPG puts the public first by maintaining strong safety systems, robust emergency plans, and proactive public outreach.

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A commitment to safety in action

Nuclear failsafes

Our nuclear stations are fitted with rapid shutdown systems that stop a chain reaction within seconds. Independent from the rest of the plant, each key safety component has three backups. The station containment systems are also designed to lock harmful radiation within the facility. Ontario’s CANDU reactors have considerable redundancy in back-up power supplies, including standby generators, emergency power generators, and auxiliary generators with varying degrees of seismic resiliency.

Emergency preparedness

In the unlikely event of an accident at one of our nuclear facilities, our responsibility is to make sure it is controlled, and any radiation releases are minimized. We maintain an emergency plan and work with the Province of Ontario, Durham Region, and the City of Toronto to ensure emergency responses to many scenarios are tested on a regular basis.

Learn more at preparetobesafe.ca

Public water safety

OPG staff work closely with partners in site communities to promote public safety around dams and hydroelectric stations. Our province wide “Stay Clear, Stay Safe” water safety campaigns illustrate the dangers of water near hydro dams and stations. OPG’s properties and facilities are clearly marked with warning signs, and barriers are in place to prevent access. In addition to these safety measures, video surveillance has been installed at some of our hydroelectric facilities for public safety purposes. For further information about OPG’s collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, please contact our Freedom of Information Coordinator.

A motorboat approaches a water safety boom near our Alexander Generating Station.

Stay clear. Stay safe.

With 66 hydroelectric stations on 24 river systems controlled by 239 dams, OPG is responsible for managing a lot of water. Through regular campaigns and initiatives, we urge the public to stay safe by staying clear of all hydro dams and stations.

A male worker in protective plastic clothing stands in a hallway within the protected area of a nuclear station.

Always be prepared

Nuclear safety is all about rigorous planning and building in multiple levels of redundancies to ensure an emergency never happens. It also means being prepared to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do to minimize harm and protect communities.

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