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Helping businesses be competitive

Businesses need energy that is clean, reliable, and affordable. Increasingly, they are also looking for energy solutions that will help them achieve their organization’s environmental, social, and governance objectives. That's where we come in. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and our subsidiaries offer many services and solutions to meet this demand. Whether they're looking for flexible electrification solutions or clean energy credits, we can help businesses of all sizes achieve their growth objectives while also doing their part for the environment.

An electric bus.

Electrification services

Whether you're looking for someone to help design, build, operate, and maintain high-power charging and electrification infrastructure for a fleet, or someone to help provide your customers with reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure, PowerON Energy Solutions and Ivy Charging Network are there to help. 

Des Joachims Generating Station, also known as Da Swisha.

Clean energy credits

For Ontario businesses that want assurance the energy they are using comes from clean and renewable sources, OPG offers Clean Energy Credits from our expansive hydro and nuclear facilities.

An employee of Laurentis Energy Partners in a nuclear control room.

Energy consulting

With expertise in nuclear and hydro generation, engineering, nuclear transportation, small modular reactors, the production of heavy water, and the production of medical isotopes, OPG's Laurentis Energy Partners offers a range of services to power businesses forward.

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