Who we are

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We're leading Ontario, and the world, into the electric future

We are innovators, changemakers, and doers. We are leaders in clean energy striving to electrify life in one generation. We are one of North America's largest, most diverse generators of clean electricity. We are the engine that powers Ontario.

“At Ontario Power Generation, we are never satisfied with the status quo. As the largest clean power producer in the province, we want to be a catalyst for Ontario’s future by helping to electrify life in one generation. And we have the team, talent, and technology to make it happen. The next 30 years are going to be a very exciting time for OPG.”
Ken Hartwick
OPG President and CEO

How we power Ontario

OPG operates a diverse range of generating assets that power Ontario homes and businesses. Our 9,500+ employees generate roughly half of Ontario's electricity needs from a combination of nuclear, hydro, solar, biomass, and natural gas.

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Our generation portfolio in Ontario

hydroelectric stations

nuclear stations

solar facility

biomass station

dual-fuelled oil and gas station

Atura Power combined-cycle gas turbine stations

OPG also owns a number of additional facilities in Ontario and the United States:

  • Our US hydroelectric operations — OPG wholly or jointly owns and operates 85 hydroelectric generating stations and holds minority interests in 14 hydroelectric and two solar facilities in the United States through our US-based wholly-owned subsidiary, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy.
  • Our gas-fired combined-cycle generating stations — Our subsidiary, Atura Power, is the operator of four combined-cycle gas turbine generating stations located in Ontario.
  • Bruce nuclear stations — We also own two other nuclear generating stations in Ontario that are leased to Bruce Power L.P.
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Our cleantech leadership in Ontario and around the world

OPG is always innovating to add value along the energy supply chain. From energy storage to fleet electrification to nuclear medicine, OPG and its subsidiaries are leading the development of new industries and technologies that will help us electrify life and build a more sustainable future.

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Our vision, mission, and values

OPG's mission is to build a sustainable future powered by our electricity, our ideas, and our people. Our vision is to electrify life in one generation.

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Our commitment to ESG

Explore our sustainability efforts and our journey to become a more equitable, inclusive, diverse, and socially responsible company.

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Our partnerships & subsidiaries

OPG's subsidiaries are helping us improve electricity generation, storage, and distribution technology to electrify life in one generation.

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