Nuclear power

The foundation of Ontario's clean electricity system

Nuclear power is one of the best ways to meet the constant and growing electricity demands of Ontario reliably, cost effectively, and without the environmental impact of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

Today, more than 50% of Ontario’s power needs are met by nuclear.

Discover how this powerful energy source has become an important tool in fighting climate change both locally and globally and continues to be an important part of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG's) generating mix.

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Our nuclear generation

MW in-service generating capacity (Sept. 30, 2023)

stations in Pickering and Clarington (Darlington)

years of experience safely operating nuclear facilities in Ontario

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Nuclear powered potential

Nuclear power remains one of the most misunderstood sources of energy available. As the world faces the reality of a rapidly changing climate, nuclear power is essential in the fight against climate change because of its ability to produce large amounts of low-cost power safely, reliably, and without carbon emissions. Its extensive use in Ontario is one of the reasons why the province remains one of the lowest carbon intensive jurisdictions in the world.

By the numbers:

According to the Canadian Nuclear Association in Canada alone, nuclear energy:

  • Helps avoid 80 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

  • That’s roughly the equivalent of taking 15 million passenger vehicles off the road.

That’s because nuclear power doesn’t burn fuel to make power, which produces greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

Despite what some believe, renewable energy sources like wind and solar alone aren’t enough to reliably meet the growing needs of Ontario due to their unpredictability (calm windless nights or short cloudy winter days).

Nuclear allows for consistent 24/7/365 baseload power generation that will continue to play an important role in Ontario’s energy mix for decades to come.

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The Climate Challengers

EP08 - Pop culture and nuclear’s PR problem

EP08 - Pop culture and nuclear’s PR problem

Together with his three guests, Osama investigates the ways in which nuclear power’s image has been shaped by our culture.
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Our nuclear generation


Nuclear energy - the core of Ontario's power

Our commitment to your safety

OPG’s number one priority is to ensure your safety. That’s why our nuclear stations are designed with multiple safety systems and are staffed by station personnel who are extremely well trained.

In the more than five decades of our nuclear operations, no member of the public has ever been harmed as a result of a radiation emission from a nuclear power plant or management of nuclear by-products through their entire lifecycle. We continuously measure radiation exposure at the perimeter of our stations to ensure our communities are safe and healthy.

Our commitment to safe storage

Stewardship of nuclear by-products is an often controversial topic, but it’s an important one. Protecting the health of our communities and the environment today and in the future is a key part of OPG's Nuclear Sustainability Services division's nuclear by-product management strategy.

Unlike other energy sources like coal where its waste is released through emissions that impact the environment and air quality, nuclear by-products are small in volume, safely handled and stored. Some by-products are clean, recyclable, and valuable – from copper and steel, heavy water to isotopes used for life saving medical use.

OPG has successfully transported and stored nuclear by-products for decades, and we are committed to protecting future generations through well thought out and scientifically- and expert-validated long-term solutions. That’s our commitment to you.

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