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Nuclear waste - it's in our care.

Ontario’s electricity system is one of the cleanest in North America, and the world, thanks to Nuclear Power. Ontario’s nuclear reactors meet more than 50% of the province’s energy needs on any given day, so ensuring these plants continue to operate safely and sustainably is a top priority. Waste is the necessary cost of all energy generation. That’s where OPG’s Nuclear Sustainability Services division comes in. We have been a world-leader in safe and environmentally-sound radioactive waste management for over 40 years. We pride ourself on the safe, smart and comprehensive care of nuclear materials and waste produced by Ontario’s current fleet of nuclear generating stations.

OPG’s Nuclear Sustainability Services Division doesn’t just accept waste as inevitable. Our focus is in three key areas:

Preventing Waste: We prevent it before its created. Through continuous innovation to assist in reducing waste volumes produced throughout the nuclear industry. Such as advancements in the sorting of low-level materials, allowing for a substantial overall volume reduction of materials requiring safe storage.

Managing Waste: We are committed to the safe management of waste produced from the nuclear energy cycle for the entire length of time it is in our care. We remain committed to working collaboratively with our industry partners to ensure a permanent disposal solution is found.

Harnessing Waste: Harnessing the power of our reactors to turn the waste created from the nuclear energy cycle into new, valuable by-products such as Cobalt-60 and Molybdenum-99. These cancer-treating medical isotopes save lives across Canada each and every day.

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The Climate Challengers

EP06 - Nuclear waste mythbusting

EP06 - Nuclear waste mythbusting

Host Osama Baig is joined by two nuclear by-product experts: Nuala Zietsma from OPG and Erik Kremer from the NWMO.
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Did you know?

The nuclear power industry is the only energy source that accounts for, manages, and fully funds the safe, long-term management of all waste?

Supporting lasting solutions

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OPG is committed to the safe and permanent disposal of nuclear waste. Not only is it our obligation, it is also the right thing to do for future generations.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is responsible for the management and disposal of used fuel. Learn more about the used-fuel Deep Geological Repository (DGR) currently being developed by the NWMO for all of Canada.

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