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Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is Ontario’s leader in generating clean, safe, reliable, and low-cost power. We operate a diverse mix of generating assets consisting of hydroelectric stations, nuclear plants, solar, biomass, and natural gas. Our power is building stronger communities, helping to fight climate change, preserving ecological diversity, and bolstering economic growth.

In this section, learn about the historic and future role of hydroelectric power in Ontario and the many ways in which OPG harnesses the awesome power of water to create low-cost, renewable electricity that is always available. Peek inside a nuclear station and discover the impressive technology and robust safety protocols at play. Learn about the role of biomass in balancing our electricity system and how OPG kept jobs in a northern community by replacing a polluting, non-renewable source of energy with North America’s largest biomass generating station. Discover how a partnership with First Nations led OPG to build its first solar power facility. And glimpse at the role that natural gas plays in smoothing out the energy supply to ensure power is always there at the peak times it is needed.

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Our generation by the numbers

megawatts (MW) in-service generating capacity (Sept. 30, 2023)

stations in Ontario

employees supporting Ontario's economy

clean power producer in the province

Our generation portfolio in Ontario

hydroelectric stations

nuclear stations

solar facility

biomass station

dual-fuelled oil and gas station

Atura Power combined-cycle gas turbine stations

OPG also owns a number of additional facilities in Ontario and the United States:

  • Our US hydroelectric operations — OPG wholly or jointly owns and operates 85 hydroelectric generating stations and holds minority interests in 14 hydroelectric and two solar facilities in the United States through our US-based wholly-owned subsidiary, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy.
  • Our gas-fired combined-cycle generating stations — Our subsidiary, Atura Power, is the operator of four combined-cycle gas turbine generating stations located in Ontario.
  • Bruce nuclear stations — We also own two other nuclear generating stations in Ontario that are leased to Bruce Power L.P.
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An aerial view of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station from afar.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is virtually carbon-free, generating clean, affordable power 24/7/365. Learn what makes OPG Canada’s nuclear power leader and how this vital energy source strengthens the economy while forming the bedrock of Ontario’s electricity system. 

Generating capacity (Sept. 30, 2023): 4,850 MW
Stations: 2
2022 Output: 35.3 TWh

Low water conditions at the tailrace of Lower Sturgeon hydroelectric generating station.

Hydroelectric power in Ontario

This timeless, renewable and low-cost source of power accounts for more than one-third of OPG’s electricity production. 

Generating capacity (Sept. 30, 2023): 7,624 MW

Stations: 66

2022 Output: 34.2 TWh

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Our generation

All generation

Explore our interactive station map by simply selecting one of the power generation icons below:

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