Energy storage

Investing in energy storage solutions

It’s simple. The more energy we can store for peak demand periods, the more we leverage renewable energy sources and build our baseload capacity in the form of hydroelectric and nuclear generation.

For many, energy storage is the key to the net-zero puzzle - unlock that, and the energy transition can occur at speed.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and our subsidiary, Atura Power, are actively exploring the viability of energy storage projects across the province.

An old mine gets a new future

In the town of Marmora, in Eastern Ontario, OPG and Northland Power Inc. are looking to turn an inactive open-pit iron ore mine into a reservoir for energy storage that could release clean power on demand.

Energy storage comes in many forms

Pumped hydro

This solution uses power during periods of low demand to pump water up into a reservoir. When demand is high, the water is released, powering turbines that make electricity.

Close up view of air compressor with pressure gauge. Selective focus.

Compressed air

When demand and prices for electricity are low – such as overnight – the power can be used to pump compressed air into underground caverns or underwater balloons. When demand peaks, the air is released, powering a turbine that creates electricity.

Hydrogen renewable energy production pipeline - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility.


When electricity is used to convert water into hydrogen, this hydrogen becomes a type of energy storage. It can be converted back into electricity when needed, blend with natural gas to reduce its overall carbon footprint, or be used to power trucks and industrial processes.

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