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Building a stronger, more resilient Ontario

At Ontario Power Generation (OPG), innovation is in our DNA. We are never content with the status quo, so we’re hard at work on key projects that will help us keep rates low, reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, and electrify life in Ontario.

OPG’s key projects show a company that is on the move – looking ahead and around every corner. We’re investing in new and emerging technologies because we know we need to be ready to supply more clean power and more low-carbon solutions that will support Ontarians as they transition away from fossil fuels.
Mike Martelli
Chief Projects Officer
Inside a Darlington unit under refurbishment

Nuclear projects

From refurbishing the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station to being the first in North America to build a commercial small modular reactor, OPG is busy making sure that nuclear power can continue to supply Ontario with carbon-free energy 24/7/365.

Water rushes down the Mattagami River.

Hydroelectric development

OPG’s 66 hydroelectric stations provide a steady supply of emission-free power. To ensure there is enough clean power to electrify more areas of life in Ontario, OPG modernizing our existing hydro assets while exploring new hydro projects across the province.

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