Clean hydrogen

A new clean fuel for a cleaner energy transition

Clean hydrogen has the potential to be a critical fuel as we transition to net-zero. Similar to gasoline, hydrogen is a highly energy-dense, portable way to store power and release it on demand – either to power a vehicle or make electricity. But unlike gasoline, clean hydrogen does not emit any greenhouse gases. The only by-product of combusting hydrogen and oxygen is water.

Through our subsidiary, Atura Power, we are moving ahead with important investments to get Ontario’s hydrogen economy up and running.

Niagara Hydrogen Centre

A first-of-its-kind green energy project takes shape

OPG produces an abundance of clean, non-emitting electricity from its nuclear plants and hydroelectric generating stations around Ontario. When clean electricity is used to make hydrogen, the hydrogen is called “green hydrogen” because the energy is produced without emitting greenhouse gases.

This puts Ontario in a position to become a hydrogen powerhouse, and we're already well on our way to making it happen.

OPG subsidiary, Atura Power, has selected the Niagara region as the site of its first large-scale hydrogen production facility. The proposed green hydrogen plant will use 20 MW of hydroelectricity to power an electrolyzer that will break water into the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.

The local hydrogen supply will solidify Niagara as a prominent low-carbon hydrogen hub for heavy-duty trucking, municipal mobility, and heavy industrial consumers in Ontario.

In the near-term, to ensure a consistent demand for the hydrogen produced, Atura is actively exploring blending it into its combined-cycle, natural gas generating facilities, lowering the carbon intensity of these power plants that help meet Ontario’s need for energy during periods of peak demand.

Simple. Clean. Hydrogen.

With the highest energy density per unit of any source, hydrogen is a simple, powerful molecule that OPG is harnessing to help Ontario meet its climate goals while keeping energy affordable.

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