Territorial acknowledgement

Acknowledging traditional and treaty territories

Ontario is treaty territory. The province as we know it would not exist without the treaties which set out the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the provincial and federal governments and provide companies like Ontario Power Generation (OPG) the ability to operate. By acknowledging the traditional and treaty territories upon which OPG’s facilities are located, we are honouring the relationship Indigenous people have with the land and committing to continued learning, being open and working together.

OPG's territorial acknowledgement

A map of Ontario showing OPG's community regions.OPG respectfully acknowledges that the lands on which its generating stations and other assets are located are within the traditional and treaty territory of many Indigenous Nations and communities.

To acknowledge this, is to honour the deep connection that Indigenous peoples have with the land, that they are the original stewards and caretakers of it and that they continue to maintain the responsibility to ensure its health and integrity for generations to come.

As a company, OPG remains committed to developing positive and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Nations and communities, and peoples across Ontario. We encourage our employees to seek out opportunities to learn more about the important local and national history of Indigenous peoples.

Following words with actions

Territorial acknowledgements would mean very little without meaningful actions to build relationships with Indigenous Nations and communities based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit. OPG’s first Indigenous Relations Policy was developed in 2007 and set out our objectives for respecting the rights and interests of Indigenous communities. The policy increased OPG’s engagement and outreach with Indigenous Nations and communities, and provided pathways for Indigenous capacity-building and the development of equity partnerships on a number of OPG projects.

We’ve since gone further, responding to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action with a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our plan provides a roadmap for how OPG will work in partnership with Indigenous communities, businesses, and organizations to advance reconciliation. Among our goals in the RAP is to create $1 billion worth of economic impact for Indigenous communities and businesses over 10 years.

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