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The future of Pickering Generating Station

For many years, Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (GS) has been a proud part of the Pickering community, playing an important role in delivering clean, reliable power for Ontario. After years of efficient service, the Pickering Nuclear GS will end commercial operations in 2024. Decommissioning begins in 2028.

See how the community provided input into the repurposing of Pickering, to help determine the future of the facility for the benefit of all Ontarians.

A responsible future

The Pickering Nuclear GS is now slated to close, after reliably producing energy for decades.

OPG’s continuing responsibility to Ontario means that Pickering will operate and remain an important part of the province’s energy mix until 2024.

While it remains in active service, OPG is planning for the station’s end of commercial operations. This upfront preparatory work will ensure the station is ready for eventual shutdown.

OPG’s commitment is to repurpose the site to benefit the surrounding communities, while also remaining consistent with OPG’s decommissioning plans.

Decommissioning timeline

Decommissioning is a careful, multi-decade process with distinct phases, which include:

  1. Safe storage period starts: 3 years
  2. All used fuel moved into dry storage: 13 years
  3. All used fuel removed from site: 30 years
  4. All facilities dismantled: 40 years

Consulting before decommissioning

Because our site communities are so important to OPG, in the spring of 2015, we invited residents, employees and subject matter experts to share ideas for Pickering, including activities for, during, and after station decommissioning.

Hundreds of people sent us their thoughts and ideas for the future of the site.

These ideas were captured in a comprehensive report and include the following key considerations: physical constraints, market demand, and compatibility with on-site and off-site activities.

  • The 2016 Repurposing Pickering Preliminary Assessment Report was shared, providing a short list of preferred options for further investigation.
  • The Repurposing Pickering study team held a series of Youth Engagement Workshops with local colleges, universities, and high schools, generating nearly 80 new ideas (bringing the project’s total to over 700 ideas captured).
  • Several factors will play a role in the final decision for the preferred site repurposing vision, including the results of ongoing studies, cost and scheduling considerations, and the appropriate approvals. OPG will continue to make decisions based on input from Ontarians.

Repurposing Pickering

Learn more about how OPG is planning for the repurposing of our Pickering station, with community input and support.

Pickering Nuclear GS is planning for the future of the community.

The facility will stop generating electricity around the year 2024.

After commercial operations cease, the station will first be placed in a “safe storage” state and eventually decommissioned. Although the full process will take decades, some existing structures and areas of the site will become available earlier for other uses.

To that end, OPG launched Repurposing Pickering – a study to explore the possibilities to make the most beneficial use of the site during and after decommissioning so that the Pickering site will continue to provide economic benefits to the City of Pickering, Durham Region, OPG, and Ontario.

The goal of the Repurposing Pickering study was to gather information and ideas from the community to develop a long-term strategy and action plan for redeveloping available site lands during and after decommissioning.

Through the project, OPG received a range of ideas to identify those that work in synergy with the continuing presence of the nuclear facilities, while also considering how those options will influence future visions.

In all, OPG owns approximately 500 acres of land on or directly adjacent to the Pickering Nuclear site, plus 250 acres of water lots. This includes land areas that are currently leased to Hydro One and licensed to the City of Pickering for park land and recreational use.

View a map of the full study area.

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