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Handling with care

In Ontario, about 60% of the electricity we depend on comes from nuclear energy. It is not only safe, reliable and low-cost, but it also produces virtually zero carbon emissions, which is vital in the fight against climate change.

While nuclear energy does create a small amount of radioactive waste that must be managed, OPG is a world-leader in safe and environmentally-sound waste management.

Explore how we manage waste safely and efficiently.

Nuclear power is one of the most misunderstood energy sources available but it plays a valuable role in the global fight against climate change. Its widespread use in Ontario is why the province has one of the lowest carbon-intensive electricity sectors in the world. Yet many of its benefits are often overshadowed by misconceptions around nuclear waste and its management.

OPG’s Nuclear Waste Management team has three key pillars that govern their operations: Stewardship, Lasting Solutions and Peace of Mind.


We accept, transport, process and store nuclear waste carefully and thoughtfully. It is a job done with pride and purpose.

Above all else, the safety of our employees and the public is our highest priority.

Lasting solutions

OPG remains focused on achieving permanent and safe solutions for nuclear waste and designed to protect people, the Great Lakes and the environment, for hundreds of thousands of years.

Peace of mind

Sound methods are used to reduce waste from our facilities and secure its safe storage. By earning the confidence and trust of regulators and the public, we maintain our social licence to operate.