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Refurbishing the Sir Adam Beck Power Canal

Explore Ontario Power Generation's plans for the Sir Adam Beck generating stations, which include refurbishing the historic waterway that feeds the facility.

Refurbishing for the future

A century after it was built, the historic Sir Adam Beck Power Canal that channels water to OPG’s nearby hydroelectric generating stations will undergo a major refurbishment to keep it in full operation for another 50 years.

Along with three underground tunnels, the 13.7 kilometre canal carved through the city of Niagara Falls diverts water from the Welland and Niagara rivers to the Sir Adam Beck (SAB) Power Complex, which includes the Sir Adam Beck I, and II generating stations as well as the SAB Pump Generating Station.

Continued, safe operation of the Beck facility gives partner communities another Made-In-Ontario success, for future generations to enjoy.

Canal facts

13.7 Kilometers

In total length

10.7 Meters

Deep, on average

549 m³ per sec

Current flow rate

617 m³ per sec

Expected flow rate after refurbishment

Canal conversion

Following an extensive condition survey in 2017 and early 2018, engineers began assembling the collected data for review, and may recommend draining the Canal in 2022 and 2023 to undertake concrete rehabilitation, grouting, vegetation management, rock slope stabilization, and debris removal.

Should it proceed, this refurbishment will ensure the canal continues to deliver water reliably and efficiently for decades to come, while contributing to the production of clean, low-cost, hydroelectric power for Ontario.

History of Beck Canal conversion

See a brief overview of OPG’s efforts around the Beck Power Canal.

2021-23 Concrete rehabilitation, grouting, vegetation management, rock slope stabilization, and debris removal
1981 Dredged to remove 1,834 m3 of debris
1964-65 Rehabilitated, widened and deepened
1921 Entered service