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Renewing Calabogie

See how Ontario Power Generation is planning to re-develop our Calabogie generating station to increase its capacity and extend its lifespan and efficiency for years to come.

About Calabogie Generating Station

We are redeveloping our Calabogie Generating Station in Eastern Ontario. The new facility will replace the original, century-old powerhouse with a new, higher capacity powerhouse that will double the output of clean, hydro generation from five to approximately 10 megawatts.

For more information, see this media release and our story.

Calabogie after redevelopment

11 megawatts

total generation capacity

10,000 homes powered

with clean, renewable hydroelectricity

175 person years

of work associated with construction activities

7,900 cubic metres

of concrete used

60,000 cubic metres

of sediment/overburden excavated

50,000 cubic metres

of rock excavated

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