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Low-cost power

The electricity Ontario Power Generation generates costs about 40% less than the average price paid to other generators in the province.

And our production remains reliable during high demand periods in summer and winter, when power workhorses like nuclear plants are most important.

See how OPG maintains peak production while keeping the overall price of electricity lower for all customers.

Moderating customer prices

OPG provides about half the power produced in Ontario, at a price that averages 40% less than other generators.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) sets the rates that OPG can charge its customers for most of the electricity it generates. About 90% of our revenue comes from regulated rates.

Unlike other generators whose prices are set in their contracts, OPG is Ontario's only 'regulated' generator, whose prices are determined through an open, public review by the OEB.

Why is this so important? Because it holds us accountable and ensures we help moderate electricity prices for the benefit of all customers.

For the typical residential customer, about half of their monthly electricity bill goes to pay for power generation. The cost of OPG’s power represents about 20% of a customer’s bill.

The rest of the bill goes to other generators, transmission companies, distribution companies, regulatory agencies, and government taxes.

Electricity generated by OPG’s unregulated assets is subject to Energy Supply
Agreements with the Independent Electricity System Operator.