Nuclear security

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is a world leader in safe and secure nuclear power production.

See how we are committed to generating clean, reliable, low-cost electricity for Ontarians according to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and security.

Safe stations, safe community

OPG continues to invest to ensure our nuclear stations are safe and secure for our staff, our communities, and the stability of Ontario’s electricity system.

Working with regional, provincial, national and international law enforcement agencies, OPG’s stations utilize sophisticated security technology and intelligence to keep our facilities and communities safe.

Nuclear safety brochure cover illustration of a power plant.

Nuclear safety brochure

Download our brochure on nuclear safety.

Our robust security

Safety and security are ingrained in OPG’s culture. See how OPG is committed to keeping our employees, the station, and our communities safe and secure:

  • OPG staff must have a valid security clearance and identification card for site entry. An in-depth security review (with background and police checks) is completed every five years for all employees. Every employee must also undergo a three-step security search each time they enter the protected area of the site.
  • Visitors to OPG’s nuclear stations must receive prior approval to enter the station, via a similar security clearance, and must undergo the same search process as staff. They must also be accompanied at all times by an authorized staff member.
  • Physical barriers, including vehicle denial barriers, wire fencing, and additional anti-intrusion measures protect the site. There is around-the-clock monitoring and patrol by nuclear security officers.

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