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Our Climate Change Plan

Building a brighter tomorrow.

Clean Air


A net-zero carbon company by 2040.

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Driving innovations and technologies.

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Action plan

Mitigate. Adapt. Innovate. Lead.


We're walking the walk to a post-carbon economy

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Our Stories
Our stories

Environmental technician gaining valuable experience through Calabogie Redevelopment project

Carly Lance is thoroughly enjoying her job protecting the environment and wildlife on OPG’s Calabogie redevelopment project.

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Our people

OPG’s Jothi Bavan giving back to help other young engineers

OPG’s Jothi Bavan knows first-hand the hardships of being the newcomer and building a career from very little.

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Our stories

OPG’s planned hydro overhaul will help fight climate change, provide economic boost

To ensure clean, reliable hydropower continues to support Ontario, OPG is planning an extensive 20-year overhaul of units across the fleet.

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