• An electric streercar blurs over a city bridge at night.

    Electrifying life in one generation

    See how we're helping power a cleaner, more sustainable future for Ontario and the world.

  • A conceptual rendering of a BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor.

    Ontario is leading North America's clean energy future

    Learn about OPG's plan to deploy a fleet of Small Modular Reactors at our Darlington site.

  • A hummingbird hovers near pink wildflowers.

    2022 Ontario Power Generation ESG report

    See how we are building a sustainable future through our environmental, social, and governance performance.

  • An aerial view of Whitedog Falls hydroelectric station.

    Advancing hydroelectric development

    Learn more about the hydroelectric opportunities we are exploring in northern Ontario.

  • Electrifying life in one generation
  • Leading North America's clean energy future
  • 2022 ESG Report
  • Advancing hydroelectric development
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Powering the electric future

As one of North America’s largest, most diverse electricity generators, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) invests in local economies and employs thousands of people across Ontario and the United States. Together with our family of companies, we are leading the development of new clean technologies, advancing electrification initiatives, and refurbishing our existing assets – all to power the demands of a growing clean economy for decades to come.

We delivered one of the world's single-largest climate change actions by closing our coal stations, but that does not make us complacent. It makes OPG hungry to do even more to power Ontario’s homes and businesses – and build on our province’s reputation as a clean-energy powerhouse.
Ken Hartwick
President and CEO, OPG

Electrify your career

Calling all innovators, changemakers, disruptors, and leaders. Be part of a once-in-a-century energy transition and help us electrify life.

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