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Protecting biodiversity

At Ontario Power Generation, we have spent decades protecting and nurturing Ontario’s biodiversity. It’s a fundamental part of our operations, and our longstanding commitment to Ontario's natural habitats has made us a recognized leader in biodiversity protection.

See how our company-wide efforts follow the "Four R's" of Biodiversity, and extend beyond the boundaries of Ontario.

“4 Rs” of biodiversity

Retain Ecology

OPG protects ecologically significant areas

Restore Habitats

OPG works to rebuild damaged or degraded habitats

Replace Habitats

We fight to replace the natural habitats Ontario has lost

Recover Species

OPG works to recover at-risk species in each habitat

Recent initiatives

OPG’s Niagara Operations awarded Gold Certification by Wildlife Habitat Council

OPG’s Niagara Operations has once again been certified Gold by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

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OPG’s Big Island Wetland benefiting fish production and biodiversity

A unique wetland in Prince Edward County that OPG constructed as a fisheries habitat bank is now a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

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Our stories

Indigenous-inspired landscape project continues at OPG’s Saunders Visitor Centre

Guests dropping by OPG’s Saunders Hydro Dam Visitor Centre will soon enjoy serene views thanks to an Indigenous-inspired landscaping project.

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