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A close-up of turbine blades from a hydroelectric generating unit.

Generating power with purpose

As the province’s leading clean power generator, Ontario Power Generation produces reliable, low-cost power using our diverse mix of generating sources. With the help of our employees, site communities and partners, we’re also working to ensure a more sustainable future, a cleaner environment, a stronger economy and more liveable communities.

See how OPG’s purpose goes beyond generating electricity.

Our generation by the numbers

16,629 Megawatts

In-service generating capacity

90% + Free

of carbon emissions

40% Lower cost

than the average of other power generators in Ontario

9,300 + Skilled

Employees supporting Ontario's economy

Safety, diversity and responsibility

OPG’s diverse, clean and low-cost electricity generation portfolio includes:

  • 66 hydroelectric stations

  • 2 nuclear stations

  • 1 biomass station

  • 1 dual-fuelled oil and gas station

  • 1 natural gas fuelled station owned and operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary

  • 1 solar facility

We operate our stations in a safe, transparent and environmentally-responsible manner. This includes protecting and enhancing the local environment, supporting the provincial and local economies and helping make our site communities better places to live, work and play.

OPG also owns or co-owns a number of additional facilities in Ontario and the United States:

  • OPG's US Hydroelectric Platform —OPG owns a portfolio of hydroelectric generating stations in the United States through a wholly-owned subsidiary, currently operating under the Eagle Creek Renewable Energy and Cube Hydro brands. The portfolio includes interests in 98 hydroelectric generating stations, of which 84 are wholly-owned owned and operated, and minority shareholdings in two solar facilities in the United States.

  • Co-owned gas-fired combined cycle generating station — OPG is also a co-owner but not an operator of the Portlands Energy Centre natural gas-fired combined cycle generating station in Ontario.

  • Bruce nuclear stations — OPG also owns two other nuclear generating stations in Ontario which are leased to Bruce Power L.P.

Our generation

All generation

Explore our interactive station map by simply selecting one of the power generation icons below: