Net-Zero News March 2024

Leading the race to electrify life

After a strong 2023, OPG is keeping the momentum going in 2024. With the green light from the Province to proceed with planning for Pickering Nuclear's refurbishment, we are now ramping up preparations for Ontario’s next major nuclear overhaul. We also continue to work to deploy North America's first Small Modular Reactors with our Darlington New Nuclear Project, which recently marked another major milestone. And we’re investing in redeveloping our long-lived hydroelectric assets, which are critical to maintaining our reliable and low-carbon electricity system. These efforts and more will provide clean power for generations to come and set the foundation for our electrified, net-zero future.

Pickering Refurbishment: Securing generation for generations

With the Province’s go-ahead in January 2024, OPG is now busy planning and preparing for the refurbishment of Pickering Nuclear’s Units 5 to 8. This important project will secure 30-plus more years of clean power for Ontario, maintain thousands of skilled jobs, and avoid 120 megatonnes of carbon emissions. We’re also applying thousands of valuable lessons learned from our Darlington Refurbishment, which remains on schedule to be completed by 2026. See how we’re setting up for success at Pickering.

Investing in our diverse fleet, celebrating excellence

Across our diverse fleet of operations, OPG continues to make the necessary investments to ensure decades more clean, reliable generation. This includes planning for the redevelopment of our 117-year-old Kakabeka Falls hydro station in northwest Ontario. We’re also seeing the great results of these continued investments, including historic generating performance at our Niagara Operations and Pickering Nuclear station. We continue to do all of this while developing diverse leaders like Pickering employee Lee Hamilton, supporting more women in the trades, and ensuring the safety of the public and environment in our preparations for spring freshet.

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