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Investing in innovation

Innovation is a key pillar of Ontario Power Generation. We are constantly looking to embrace new technologies, alternate energy sources, and diverse leaders to power Ontario's future. 

The Climate Challengers

In 2020, we launched our Climate Change Plan and made a commitment to being a net-zero company by 2040, and create a net-zero economy by 2050. And while these goals are ambitious, they’re not enough on their own. That's where the Climate Challengers come in. Meet the people who have made it their mission to change the fate of our futures for the better.

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EP04 - Ron Dizy: Venture capital bets on net-zero

EP04 - Ron Dizy: Venture capital bets on net-zero

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Why we innovate

OPG continues to invest in new technologies and ideas to make sure we continue to generate safe, clean, reliable power that’s affordable for all Ontarians.

As more sectors of the economy, such as transportation, move toward electrification, there will be a growing demand for OPG’s clean power. We are preparing to meet this demand.

We are also currently building or investigating other renewable and clean sources of power, from solar power and micro grids, to small modular reactors and long-term nuclear storage solutions. These technologies will all help augment and secure Ontario’s future power supply.

Innovation at work
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Major maintenance project at OPG’s Pickering Nuclear successfully completed

Drones, divers, and submersibles helped complete rigorous inspections and testing of Pickering Nuclear's vacuum building.

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OPG’s Advanced Inspection and Maintenance team celebrates 50 years

A team responsible for delivering innovative inspection and maintenance solutions at OPG celebrates its 50th anniversary this August.

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OPG paving the way for world-leading SMR at Darlington

Foundational work is continuing at OPG’s Darlington Nuclear site to help prepare for the deployment of a 300 MW SMR by the end of the decade.

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Driving nuclear innovation

From full-scale reactor mock-ups, to life-saving medical isotopes and virtual reality training, OPG continues to lead the way in nuclear innovation.

For decades, OPG has been supplying the world with valuable radioactive isotopes harvested from its nuclear reactors at our Pickering and Darlington nuclear stations. These isotopes, which include heavy water, Cobalt-60, tritium, and soon Molybdenum-99, are key components in applications in medicine, sterilization, food preservation, lighting and fusion research.

Learn more about our medical isotopes.

At the Darlington Energy Complex in Clarington, Ontario, we constructed a world-class training facility featuring a full-scale reactor mock-up, warehouse space for equipment, and training classroom. This innovative approach allows the Darlington Refurbishment staff to practise work tasks, perfect their techniques and perform full “dress rehearsals” using real tools and wearing full protective equipment long before they begin actual work inside the reactor.

Learn more about the Darlington Refurbishment Project.

Innovation at Darlington

Learn about how OPG’s innovative approach is helping to make the Darlington Refurbishment a success.

Exploring technology

We’re always looking for opportunities to incorporate innovative new technologies into Ontario’s energy sector. From adding new solar power generation and electrifying the transportation sector, to researching Microgrids and Energy Storage opportunities, we’re working to keep Ontario at the forefront.

And at our X-Lab, we are tapping into the advanced technologies to improve training and make work processes more efficient across our operations. From virtual reality headsets, to specialized glasses, to 3D printing, there’s a whole lot of innovation going on behind X-Lab’s doors.

X-Lab looks to the future

The X-Lab is driving OPG’s focus on innovation to improve the company’s operations and business performance.

Innovation begins with people

At OPG, we understand innovation begins with the right people and the right environment.

A diverse workplace brings diverse ideas, varying perspectives and different viewpoints. That’s why we are committed to diversity in the workplace, promoting women in leadership positions and investing in young talent to help develop the next generation of power leaders.