Net-Zero News December 2023

An electrifying year of progress.

As another year comes to a close, we reflect on the major steps made in OPG's journey to electrify life. This includes our industry-leading effort to deploy carbon-free Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in Ontario and elsewhere, our exploration of new large nuclear reactor technology, and the continuing investments in our clean generating assets.

Learn more about these developments and more in the December issue of OPG’s Net-Zero News.

Advancing new nuclear for Ontario – and the world

In the years ahead, Ontario, Canada, and the world will need much more clean, reliable nuclear power to support decarbonization. OPG is on the forefront of this effort, with the development of the Western world's first SMR fleet, which is expected to generate lasting economic benefits for the province. OPG is also leading efforts to help other jurisdictions, including Saskatchewan, deploy similar SMRs, and is exploring new large nuclear builds with other utilities and manufacturers of advanced reactors, including Westinghouse and EDF.

Investing in Ontario's clean energy future

Across our fleet, we continue to invest in securing Ontario's clean energy future. Whether it's completing a decades-first power line replacement at our Sir Adam Beck II hydro station, improving dam safety in the northeast, or opening a new nuclear materials sorting facility, OPG is helping to secure a bright future for the province.

Also in this issue, see how we're building Indigenous capacity to support electrification, catch up on the weed-chomping goats helping to rejuvenate our sites, and learn more about the game-changing innovation that has changed the way OPG plans and operates.

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