Our Climate Change Plan

Building a brighter tomorrow.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) believes climate change is not just in the future, it’s in the present. Its consequences are already affecting the lives of Ontarians. Its not just an environmental crisis, it’s also an economic one.

In 2020, we released our first-ever Climate Change Plan. It includes ambitious goals that will guide our promise to be a catalyst for efficient, economy-wide decarbonization and economic renewal, while protecting the environment.

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Report Highlights:
  • Introduction
  • Climate change goals
  • Climate change solutions
  • Climate action plan

Our climate change goals.

Our climate change plan started with a simple question: what can we do to make tomorrow better? The answer, it turns out, is quite a lot. Along with setting an ambitious goal for our company, we’re looking beyond our walls to help markets where we operate achieve their goals.

For decades, OPG’s world-class workforce has quietly led the charge, devising the blueprint for a carbon-free future. With our coal closure, conversion of the Atikokan Generating Station to renewable biomass, the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment, the expansion of our hydro generating assets, and through clean power partnerships like the Gull Bay micro grid and the Nanticoke Solar facility, we are already one of the most diverse, experienced generators in the world but we’re ready to do more.

Tackling climate change will take a combination of electricity generating technologies and innovative solutions. Most importantly, it will take the full commitment of societies around the globe. We’re determined to do our part.

Positioned to lead.

Ontario’s electricity system and its generating technology is constantly evolving. In 2005, before we closed our coal fleet, the electricity sector accounted for 17% of Ontario’s carbon emissions. Fast forward to 2016, two years after the phasing out of coal, the electricity sector accounted for only 2% of Ontario’s total emissions. In fact, compared to other progressive global jurisdictions from a carbon intensity perspective, Ontario ranks among the best.

The transportation sector is now the province’s largest source of carbon emissions at more than 30%. Powering cars, trucks, trains, boats and buses with clean electricity, rather than gas or diesel, will make a significant impact to reducing carbon emissions in Ontario. The more of the economy we can get running on electricity, the lower our carbon emissions will be overall. As Ontario’s largest power generator and clean technology innovator, OPG is well positioned to lead the drive for decarbonization while balancing economic and environmental benefits, and Ontario’s electricity needs.

CO2 emissions intensity – Ontario vs. world

Carbon emissions, minus carbon removal and displacement, plus offset credits equals net-zero carbon emissions.

What does 'net-zero' mean?

‘Net-zero’ refers to achieving an overall balance between direct carbon emissions produced and carbon emissions taken out of the atmosphere.

Our power is changing the world.

Guiding principles.

As we strive to be the catalyst that enables the transformation to clean economies, we will do so in the most efficient and responsible way possible, always respecting the best interests of the people we serve. These guiding principles are our commitment to you as we chart a new path forward.

While our goals are firm, the way we reach them will evolve over time. Our plan is designed to adapt to new technologies and changing policies.

We have tried throughout this document to avoid technical jargon to give you plain facts. We will update you on our progress continuously in the years ahead.

We are guided by the scientific consensus on climate change. Our decisions will be based on the best available evidence on impacts, solutions, and measurement.

We strive to be a low-cost generator and we will ensure customers’ interests are top-of-mind as we work to achieve our goals.

Preserving openness, transparency and trust will underscore our ongoing commitment to growing long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships with indigenous communities near our current and future operations.

These days, companies are being held to account by investors, governments, and the public for their progress in addressing climate change. We welcome the scrutiny.

As one of North America’s leading clean generators, there is so much we can do to make an impact. We have an obligation to contribute to the full extent of our capacities.

Net Zero Needs Nuclear

Net Zero Needs Nuclear.

A new campaign supported by Bruce Power and OPG has one simple message: there is no path to net zero without nuclear.

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The Climate Challengers

EP04 - Ron Dizy: Venture capital bets on net-zero

EP04 - Ron Dizy: Venture capital bets on net-zero

Ron Dizy is a venture capitalist specializing in energy technologies and the former leader of the Advanced Energy Centre at MaRs.
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