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Supply Chain at Ontario Power Generation

Supply Chain at Ontario Power Generation

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Building Value Added Supplier Methodology

The Supply organization at OPG optimizes the value chain in close collaboration with its suppliers, contractors and service providers.

Suppliers have a significant impact on operations and costs for OPG, and these relationships are key to OPG's success.

OPG operates nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, and wind power generating assets. Our Supply Chain organization is committed to developing strategic relationships with preferred suppliers. We focus on developing and including capable suppliers who can meet our price, quality, delivery and service level requirements.

In business dealings with OPG, suppliers are expected to ensure full compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct, act with integrity, adhere to high standards of ethical behaviour, operate in the best interests of OPG, and ensure awareness of the Code of Business Conduct. To learn more, please see our Supplier Code of Conduct Frequently Asked Questions.

OPG Supply Chain manages strategic and high profile commodities and services on a global, regional, and /or local basis.

In addition to the commercial process, OPG Supply Chain manages systems, processes and procedures throughout the supply chain company wide. Supply Chain begins with our suppliers and ends with our consumption.

Nuclear Suppliers

Nuclear suppliers include those contractors and subcontractors who provide materials, equipment and/or services to nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, and are subject to the unique requirements of the nuclear industry. Principles for Excellence in Nuclear Supplier Performance describes the essential principles and attributes that support achieving excellence in the services and products provided by nuclear suppliers. This document is applicable to suppliers who support the nuclear industry in areas such as nuclear facility design, procurement, fabrication, construction, inspection, and operations support.