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Go behind the scenes with OPG's Supply Chain team

From nuclear-class turbine spindles the size of a truck to the smallest bolt, thousands of parts and supplies play a critical role behind the scenes every day in OPG’s generation of clean energy for Ontario.

Thousands of parts are managed and stored by the Supply Chain team at a central warehouse.

The company’s Supply Chain organization procures and manages more than $2 billion worth of materials and services annually to support the generation of 16,218 megawatts at OPG’s nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, and wind operations.

This includes managing the inventory to support 920,000 unique pieces of equipment across OPG’s nuclear fleet, with about 3,500 absolutely critical parts for the Pickering and Darlington nuclear stations sitting in stock at all times at a sprawling central warehouse in Whitby.

To provide even greater value to Ontarians, the Supply Chain team is constantly looking for efficiencies by developing strategic relationships with suppliers and securing price discounts for bulk orders over several years. The group also looks closely at the entire market to get the absolute best savings.

“Whether we are buying a motor or a construction service, Supply Chain looks to develop the best strategy to reduce the total cost of ownership while delivering the needs of our business partners,” said Robert De Bartolo, Vice-President of Supply Chain Materials at OPG.

Fast facts

  • Supply Chain’s purchases are wide-ranging – from office supplies to pressure tubes to generators for hydro stations
  • Types of services purchased include contractors for big projects like the Darlington Refurbishment
  • Thousands of parts are managed and stored at a central warehouse in Whitby measuring 160,000 square feet