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Reinvesting in Ontario

As a publicly-owned electricity generator, Ontario Power Generation’s investments largely stay in Ontario and our development projects employ thousands, helping to spur homegrown innovations by our suppliers.

We also invest in making sure skilled trades and professionals are available to help us continue powering the province for years to come.

See how OPG is reinvesting in Ontario.

Powering Ontario’s economy

OPG produces electricity from a diverse portfolio of generating assets.

We invest in infrastructure renewal and modernization, and pursue projects to increase our generation capacity.

As a commercial enterprise, OPG’s financial priority is to achieve a consistent level of strong financial performance that delivers an appropriate return on the Province of Ontario’s investment, and positions the company for future expansion.

By the numbers:

  • In 2020, OPG’s net income (attributable to our Shareholder, the Province of Ontario), was $1.361 billion. This benefits all Ontarians.
  • OPG spends almost $3 billion annually on operations, maintenance and administration.
  • We invest almost $2 billion annually in property, plants and equipment (expenditures that also directly benefit the Ontario economy).

When making these investments, OPG provides support to the economy by purchasing goods and services from across Ontario. With approximately 2,000 active suppliers, we’re proud to be a strong supporter of local businesses.

Reinvesting in Ontario

$15M In programs

To educate pool of skilled and qualified workers

2,000 Suppliers

Helping us build and modernize generating assets

$1.765 Billion

In property, plants and equipment (in 2020)

$90B GDP boost

By investing in the Darlington Refurbishment