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New Ivy Charging Network set to give electric vehicle drivers peace of mind

OPG and Hydro One have partnered to create a new electric vehicle (EV) fast-charger network that will soon be Ontario’s largest and most connected.

The Ivy Charging Network opened its first location in Huntsville.
The Ivy Charging Network opened its first location in Huntsville.

The new Ivy Charging Network, which opened its first location in Huntsville last September, made its official launch to the public at the 2020 Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto.

By the end of 2021, an anticipated 160 Level 3 fast-chargers will be installed at 73 locations connecting north to south and east to west, making Ivy the largest fast-charger network in Ontario. And with charging locations set to be an average of less than 100 kilometres apart, Ivy will help ease “range anxiety” for EV drivers, providing confidence on the road while supporting further adoption of EVs.

“Having delivered the world’s largest single climate change action to date with the closure of our coal stations, OPG’s clean power serves as a strong platform to electrify carbon-heavy sectors like transportation,” said Theresa Dekker, Vice President, Corporate Business Development and Strategy for OPG, and Co-President of Ivy Charging Network. “That’s why we’re so pleased to be partnering with Hydro One on an initiative that will broaden the benefits of electrification and provide a reliable, integrated network while ensuring no additional cost to ratepayers.”

An ivy charging network electric vehicle charger
An Ivy charger on display at the 2020 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto.

The new company is an equal partnership between Hydro One and OPG. Natural Resources Canada provided additional funding through its Electric Vehicle and Alternate Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative.

Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group and leader in EV charging and management solutions, has been selected as Ivy’s service partner to operate and manage the network.

In addition to enabling the electrification of the transportation sector, Ivy will also provide a new revenue stream for both OPG and Hydro One, offering greater value to Ontarians and shareholders.