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An integrated, cross-functional team

Ontario Power Generation together with hundreds of project partners across Ontario are driving Darlington’s Refurbishment, one of Canada’s largest clean energy projects, ensuring we deliver it safely, on-time and on-budget.

Explore how our success is built on a commitment to working as one integrated team and leveraging the skills and knowledge of the province’s most innovative and experienced organizations.

Leveraging the best companies in Ontario

Long before the first reactor was taken offline, OPG was working to establish a vibrant supply chain with companies from across Ontario to deliver high-quality, precision parts and services.

With the Darlington Refurbishment project now well underway, our integrated team of employees, project partners, including manufacturers and industry organizations, are working together to complete the Darlington Refurbishment safely, on time and on budget.

Project partners

Meet some of the organizations that are helping OPG power Darlington’s Refurbishment.

Black & McDonald Limited is a prime contractor that has completed several projects with OPG.

For more details, visit their website.

BWXT Canada is a multi-trade company providing fuel and fuel bundles for OPG reactors for more than 50 years.

For more details, visit their website.

CanAtom Power Group is a joint venture between SNC-Lavalin Nuclear Inc. and Aecon Construction Group, focused on the Darlington Refurbishment’s Re-tube and Feeder Replacement program.

ES Fox Construction is a Canadian multi-trade Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI), and nuclear constructor and fabricator.

For more details, visit their website.

GE Power is a world leader in power generation that has designed for, fuelled and serviced the nuclear industry more than 60 years.

For more details, visit their website.

Ensuring Success Through Diligent Oversight

By the time we shut down the first of four Darlington reactors in preparation for refurbishment, OPG had already carried out more than a decade of preparation and planning to ensure the successful execution of the project.

This in-depth and proactive approach includes diligent oversight of the project that was noted by the Auditor General of Ontario.

In the Good News section of her 2018 annual report, auditor general Bonnie Lysyk noted that while the project still faces risks that could impact its cost and time estimates, OPG’s diligent oversight in monitoring the project ensures it remains on track.

Ontario partnership facts

60+ Companies

Working on refurbishment

57 Communities

Positively impacted

704,112 Person years

Worth of employment

14,200 Jobs/year

Between 2017 and 2055