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Darlington Refurb Project News

Schomberg company steps up for Darlington Refurbishment

From its humble beginnings in the Conzelmann family home’s garage to its current facilities spanning across 55,000 square feet, Schomberg- based B.C. Instruments has come a long way indeed.

The precision machining shop began in 1971, making parts for the aerospace industry. Soon after, the company began producing parts for CANDU reactors. The company now has five divisions, including nuclear.

Today, the company is supplying parts for the refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, Canada’s largest clean energy project. B.C. Instruments is one of more than 60 Ontario-based companies engaged in the huge endeavour, with about 96 per cent of the project’s suppliers located in Ontario.

Roger Conzelmann, President of B.C. Instruments
Roger Conzelmann, President of B.C. Instruments

The company recently completed the first production of components to be used in the refurbishment of Darlington’s Unit 2, including the first round of calandria tube inserts, studs and yokes, part of a longer list of items B.C. Instruments will provide. The milestone was marked by a recent event held by the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries

Supplying these parts for Darlington’s mega-project has meant both retaining staff and hiring new employees, said Roger Conzelmann, President of B.C. Instruments.

“We’re also engaged in providing components for the subsequent three units to be refurbished at Darlington,” he said. “That means another several years’ worth of work for our company.”

An independent Conference Board of Canada report indicates that Darlington Refurbishment and the subsequent 30 or more years of ongoing operations will provide an $89.9-billion boost to Ontario’s GDP. On average, it will mean more than 14,000 jobs a year.

“Because so many of our suppliers are located in Ontario, this project is having a significant impact in towns and cities across the province,” said Carla Carmichael, OPG Vice President, Project Assurance and Contract Management. “OPG and our contract suppliers and partners are working as one team to deliver this project safely, with quality, on time and on budget.”

The Refurbishment Project is great news for the nuclear industry as a whole, said Dr. Ron Oberth, OCNI President and CEO.

“B.C. Instruments is a leading example of the many nuclear equipment designers and manufacturers in Ontario,” Dr. Oberth said. “They’re part of a vibrant nuclear supply chain of companies that create high-skilled jobs and support Ontario’s nuclear fleet and compete in the worldwide nuclear market.”