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Darlington Refurbishment Project News

OPG releases 2018 fourth quarter performance report on Darlington Refurbishment

The fourth quarter of 2018 came to a successful close on the Darlington Refurbishment with the start of Unit 2 fuel channel assembly and the Auditor General of Ontario’s recognition of OPG’s diligence in monitoring this mega-project, which is helping to ensure it remains on schedule and on budget.

In 2016, after years of planning and preparation, OPG and our project partners commenced Darlington Refurbishment — a 10-year undertaking that will provide Ontarians with at least another 30 years of safe, clean and reliable energy. Since then, the project team has completed a number of complex work activities, including defuelling and isolating the Unit 2 reactor; opening its airlocks; removing hundreds of components; overhauling turbines, and cleaning the steam generators.

This year, we enter a pivotal phase on the project, when we finish installing reactor components then begin the process of returning Unit 2 to commercial service.

Restoring full power to the reactor involves detailed steps, including loading fuel, re-connecting safety systems and reenergizing equipment. At the same time we work to achieve these milestones, we will continue to prepare for Unit 3 refurbishment, incorporating lessons learned to date from Unit 2’s execution.

In this report, you will learn about the status of the Darlington Refurbishment as at the end of 2018, and find out more about the journey we’re taking on our road to restarting Unit 2.

Dietmar Reiner,
Senior Vice President, Nuclear Projects

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