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Strengthening the economy

Through our operations across Ontario, our energy development and refurbishment projects, and through our low-cost power, Ontario Power Generation is a major contributor to the province’s economic well-being.

Explore how OPG is powering Ontario while also strengthening the economy for future generations.

A powerful employer

Ontario Power Generation directly employs 9,000+ people and supports thousands of other jobs through our purchase of goods and services from Ontario.

We’ve also partnered with Indigenous communities across the province to build hydroelectric and solar projects. These ground-breaking development partnerships create jobs, enhance skills training and provide lasting financial and economic benefits for the communities.

Generating revenue

Electricity generation is a capital-intensive business. It requires continued investment in plants and technologies to maintain and improve operating performance, to increase generation capacity of existing stations, and to develop new generating stations, innovative and emerging technologies, and other business growth opportunities.

OPG spends almost $3 billion annually on operations, maintenance and administration, and we invest almost $2 billion annually in property, plants and equipment. We’ve also used green bonds to finance some of our clean power initiatives.

When making these investments, OPG provides support to the economy by purchasing goods and services. We have approximately 2,000 active suppliers and we’re proud to be a strong supporter of local businesses.

Suppliers and partners for the economy

Recent assessments found that 92% of our spending was through suppliers within Canada with 89% of them within Ontario, which directly benefits the provincial economy.

OPG also has strong working relationships with its Indigenous suppliers, providing jobs and training to the local communities.

Payments made by OPG to its Shareholder, the Province, also benefit the economy and the people of Ontario. This includes payments in lieu of taxes, gross revenue charges and income tax payments. These payments totalled $505 million in 2018.

By the numbers:

  • OPG generates 50% of the electricity used in Ontario
  • We are one of Ontario’s lowest cost generators
  • Our generation prices are 40% below the average price paid to other generators

Our role in keeping electricity prices down is important to maintaining and attracting businesses to Ontario.