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OPG sustainability reporting

The world around us is rapidly changing and everyone has a role to play to create a better tomorrow, today.

Explore our approach to sustainable operations, including the value we place on sustainability, how we manage our impacts, and our recent performance results.

Our commitment to sustainable operations

At OPG, we believe that operating sustainably is good business. Our company’s mission is to provide low-cost power in a safe, clean, reliable and sustainable manner for the benefit of our customers and our Shareholder, the Province of Ontario.

Sustainability is so integral to our business that we don't simply issue an annual sustainability report. Rather, we maintain transparency with our partners and stakeholders through our dynamic and interactive digital media where we provide the latest information, stories, videos and tweets about our sustainability initiatives.

Contact us to let us know what you think about this innovative approach to sustainability reporting.

As Ontario’s largest clean power generator, OPG depends on a diverse and skilled workforce of more than 9,000 people to deliver strong, reliable performance. Their efforts allow us to safely generate electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at an average cost that is 40 per cent less than other generators in Ontario.

Because our people are our main asset, their safety is our main priority. Each and every day, OPG’s employees dedicate themselves to achieving the goal of zero injuries while protecting our local communities and the environment. In 2018, OPG received a Canadian Electricity Association award for achieving the top safety performance for total recordable injury frequency within our benchmark group for 2017. This achievement reflects OPG’s strong safety culture and our tireless commitment to safety above all.

As part of our commitment to the environment, OPG has a long-term objective to continually improve its ISO 14001-certified environmental management system. Biodiversity remains a key focus area, and OPG has been consistently recognized by groups like the international Wildlife Habitat Council for its efforts. Ongoing initiatives include the protection of species of concern at our generating sites, and funding projects and partnerships across Ontario that promote and restore biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

To be a leader in climate change mitigation, OPG is investing in its low-carbon generating assets, pursuing initiatives to increase renewable generation capacity, and implementing strategies that support reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2018, our employees and project partners remained focused on executing the Darlington Refurbishment, which will extend the life of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (GS) by another 30 years, securing low-cost, reliable and clean baseload power for the province for decades to come. The 10-year mega-project – one of Canada’s largest clean power projects – remains on schedule and on budget.

It was an eventful year outside of Darlington Nuclear GS as well. In August 2018, our nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, granted OPG a 10-year licence for Pickering Nuclear GS, which will take us through the end of commercial operations followed by safe storage activities, such as removal of fuel and water. The licence extension validates all of our hard work at Pickering and affirms the station’s continued strong performance and importance to the province. Continuing the station’s operations will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 17 million tonnes while providing jobs for about 7,500 people.

We also made progress on a new 40 MW solar facility on the site of the former Nanticoke GS coal plant. Nanticoke Solar was placed in service in March 2019 and is a clean energy partnership between OPG and local First Nations. Construction also continued apace on a new 10 MW single-unit powerhouse at Ranney Falls GS.

In November 2018, OPG expanded its renewable generating portfolio by acquiring Eagle Creek Renewable Energy in the United States, which owns and operates 63 hydroelectric facilities representing 216 megawatts of capacity. It also has ownership interests in 13 other hydroelectric facilities and two solar facilities in New England.

OPG also continues to support the research and development of Small Modular Reactors – safe, small, scalable nuclear power plants that promise to be the next evolution of reliable, carbon-free nuclear power. And we continue to advocate for electric vehicles and the electrification of the transport sector. We recently were the first Canadian company to join the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative to pledge our commitment to convert our fleet of vehicles to electric and install more charging stations at our sites.

Finally, we are co-developing a micro grid with Gull Bay First Nation that will use solar, battery storage and grid technology to help the community reduce its use of diesel by 110,000 litres each year.

OPG and its employees have much to be proud of. Since our predecessor company’s beginnings more than a century ago, OPG has relied on innovation and technical expertise to build world-class facilities and provide clean, reliable power to Ontarians. By continuing to innovate and adapt, OPG will remain viable, sustainable and strong, and Ontarians can look forward to another 100 years of clean, reliable power.

Thanks to our employees, partners and site communities, we had a successful 2018 and look forward to another strong year of performance and growth in 2019.

Our approach to sustainability

To help us achieve our mission to provide power with purpose, OPG has integrated sustainability requirements into its business strategy, policy requirements, and performance indicators.

OPG has four key strategic imperatives to ensure the company is focused on the right work and programs to meet its long-term goals. OPG’s strategic imperatives are operational excellence, project excellence, financial strength, and social licence. OPG has a risk management framework to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks that could significantly impact the achievement of these imperatives.

Board policies establish the parameters for the management of the company. OPG has policy statements pertaining to the environment, nuclear safety, safe operations, employee health and safety, Indigenous relations, business conduct, risk management, and disclosure. OPG’s core ethical values of safety, integrity, excellence, and people and citizenship clarify what is important to the organization and guide our behaviour.

Annual priorities and targets are included in a corporate scorecard which is used to drive improvement and assess the company’s overall performance. Individual operating units and functions are also required to establish annual performance objectives and to report monthly on key performance results. Performance targets are reinforced with management employees through an annual incentive plan that links compensation to performance.

Reporting what is most relevant

OPG's sustainability reporting covers the economic, environmental and social topics that matter most to our business, stakeholders and partners. In 2018, OPG conducted an assessment to re-examine and redefine its list of priority topics. The views of internal and external stakeholders were assessed and the following priority sustainability topics were identified.

Our priority sustainability topics


Biodiversity and wildlife habitat

Management of biodiversity and natural areas reduces impacts from operations and helps maintain ecosystem health.

Climate change

Includes climate change mitigation and adaptation. Maximizing the use of OPG’s clean generation capacity is a business opportunity for the company.

Corporate citizenship

Strengthens the well-being of host communities and OPG’s social licence to operate.

Cost of electricity

OPG's power is priced lower than other generators in Ontario which helps moderate customer bills.

Environmental compliance

Strong environmental management practices protect the environment and build customer trust.

Financial strength

OPG has a duty to deliver an appropriate level of return on the Shareholder’s investment and to meet its financial obligations.

Health and safety

Includes workplace health and safety, nuclear emergency preparedness, and public water safety near hydroelectric operations.

Indigenous relations

OPG is committed to working with Indigenous communities, proximate to its present and future operations, to foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Local economic impact

Includes employment opportunities, spending on goods and services, and payments to the Province of Ontario.

Long-term energy plan

OPG supports Ontario’s long-term energy plan to create a system that is clean, reliable and cost-effective.

Nuclear emissions

OPG’s nuclear emissions are kept as low as reasonably achievable to ensure operations do not adversely impact human health and the environment.

Nuclear waste

OPG is responsible for the safe, long-term management of radioactive wastes generated by its nuclear operations.

People and culture

An engaged, diverse and inclusive workforce at OPG drives performance and a culture to succeed.

Reliability of assets

Impacts the financial sustainability of the company and enables consistent delivery of power to customers.

Renewal and development of assets

Tied to the ongoing viability of the company and impacts the local economy.

Stakeholder engagement

Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties builds trust and respect.

Supply chain

OPG’s ability to operate depends on timely access to equipment, materials and service suppliers.

Water management

Managing water levels and flows at OPG’s dams and hydroelectric stations protects watersheds and maximizes power production.

More about sustainability

Want to learn more about sustainability at OPG? Explore the additional information below.

OPG prepared annual sustainability reports for years 1999 to 2017.

For copies of our recent reports, visit the OPG Document Archive.

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