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Our renewable generation

In 2014, OPG burned its last piece of coal to make electricity. This continues to be one of the largest single actions to combat climate change in the world to date.

As the province’s largest clean energy generator, Ontario Power Generation is committed to investing in Ontario’s future by expanding our renewable energy portfolio. 

Explore why renewable energy is a cornerstone of our generating mix.

Phasing out the old

The phase-out of Ontario's coal fleet by Ontario Power Generation, completed in 2014, remains one of the world's single largest climate change actions. Our diverse power generation portfolio is now more than 90% free of smog-causing and carbon emissions.

Our renewable generation portfolio is a big part of our mix and we are committed to:

  • Expanding our hydroelectric fleet through projects like the most recent Indigenous hydro development partnership — Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station in northeastern Ontario.
  • Upgrading existing assets to improve efficiency and capacity like our Ranney Falls station.
  • Investing in alternative power like the new Solar facility on the site of the former Nanticoke coal station.