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Decarbonizing Ontario

At Ontario Power Generation we strive to be a global leader in climate change mitigation by implementing world-class operational and growth strategies in support of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. From our diverse clean energy portfolio, to our expansive biodiversity initiatives, we are committed to creating a more sustainable Ontario for future generations.

See how we are helping in the fight against climate change.

Powering Ontario’s clean energy future

Our transition to a low-carbon generation portfolio began in 2003 with an ambitious smog reduction and climate change initiative to eliminate coal-fired electricity generation in the province.

Now we plan to increase the generation capacity of our hydroelectric fleet where economical, invest in other low-carbon technologies, including nuclear innovation and energy storage, expand our biodiversity programs (from tree planting, to habitat restoration), and take a leadership role in the electrification of Ontario’s transportation sector.

Electrifying transportation

The transportation sector accounts for approximately 30% of emissions in Ontario, and OPG is well-positioned to provide the clean power needed to support the transition from fossil-fuelled to electric vehicles.

In fact OPG is a pioneer in electric transportation in Ontario, creating many powerful partnerships, including:

  • Plug’n Drive — a non-profit organization committed to increasing public awareness and understanding of electric vehicles, launching North America’s first EV Discovery Centre, in Toronto
  • The Global EV100 commitment — Canada’s first member to join and commit to converting our fleet of vehicles to electric, where feasible, by 2030.

We will continue to evolve our transportation electrification strategy and our understanding of how electrification will impact Ontario’s electricity system, further reduce GHG emissions, and allow for lower rates for our customers.