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Protecting the environment

When Ontario Power Generation closed its coal stations, it marked one of the largest single actions to combat climate change in the world.

Our transition to a diverse and clean generation portfolio has helped decarbonize Ontario’s electricity system and other sectors like transportation.

Explore how, in partner communities and across the province, OPG is working to protect Ontario’s environment and biodiversity.

Protecting biodiversity

Creating habitat at our operations across Ontario.

Sustainable, accountable

OPG believes that operating in a sustainable manner is directly connected to business success and a prerequisite for maintaining our social licence to operate.

Protecting the future

  • OPG has maintained an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System since 1999. Its scope includes activities related to design, supply chain, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of electricity generating stations, associated properties, buildings, and structures solely owned and operated by OPG, or sites operated by OPG on behalf of OPG’s partner owners.
  • We are consistently recognized by international groups like Wildlife Habitat Council for processes that manage our environmental impact, and improve our natural surroundings.
  • In managing our sites, we strive to maintain or enhance significant natural areas and associated species of concern. Our Nanticoke site features 24 hectares of transformed, diverse woodland and grassland habitats, now home to species at risk, like the bobolink and meadowlark.
  • The eel ladder built at our Cornwall hydro station helps the endangered American eel complete its upstream migration and we stocked about four million young eels into the upper Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.
  • OPG also worked with partners to plant more than 8 million native trees and shrubs on approximately 2,850 hectares of land across Ontario.
  • We helped stock more than 336,000 one-year-old salmon since 2011 as lead sponsor of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program.
  • We proudly partner with groups like Earth Rangers, Rouge National Park, Toronto Wildlife Centre, LEAF, Ontario Nature, and the Bruce Trail on events and activities to raise awareness of biodiversity.
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