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Transportation: handling with care

Safely and effectively managing and transporting nuclear waste is of the utmost importance to Ontario Power Generation. Learn about our commitment to the safe transport of radioactive materials.

Safe transport for 40 years

Every year, for the past 40 years, OPG has made hundreds of safe shipments of radioactive materials.

About a third of these shipments are of low-or intermediate-level waste, sent to the Western Waste Management Facility (WWMF).

Contaminated heavy water is transported to Darlington’s Tritium Removal Facility.

OPG has an exceptional safety record

After thousands of shipments across millions of kilometres, no radioactive material has ever been released into the environment and no member of the public or any OPG driver has ever been injured.

OPG is proud of our excellent safety record and we remain committed to the safe operation of our nuclear stations and our waste management facilities.

Safety and certainty

Licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, OPG complies fully with Canadian regulations regarding “Transportation of Dangerous Goods” and the transport of “Nuclear Substances.”

Trucks, transportation packages and programs adhere to the International Atomic Energy Agency regulations for the “Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.”

Open communication

For 40 years, OPG has provided information to the public about Radioactive Material Transportation.

We communicate with police, fire, emergency and municipal officials through face-to-face presentations, and with the public at community group meetings, local municipal councils and our Information Centres.

Nuclear waste & waste management: transportion

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