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Nuclear decommissioning

Generating nuclear power effectively and safely is an incredible responsibility that we at Ontario Power Generation take very seriously.

See how we are always planning ahead and at every step of the nuclear energy production process, including planning for the eventual decommissioning of our stations, to ensure the safety of Ontario for generations to come.

Applying innovation to decommissioning

OPG’s Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS) was created with one mission in mind - see nuclear technology adopted as a clean energy solution to help tackle the climate crisis. Operating as an innovation hub, the CCNS brings together industry, community, academia and others to advance innovative nuclear lifecycle solutions, with a focus on innovating the end of the nuclear lifecycle, demonstrating that nuclear power not only provides carbon-free electricity, but can be sustainable for future generations.

Generating guarantees

In Canada, it is not enough to simply build a nuclear facility to generate power.

From the earliest days of each project, OPG is required by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to have a Financial Guarantee in place to ensure it can cover the costs of the eventual decommissioning of its nuclear facilities.

This process ensures that each move OPG makes is in the best-interests of Ontarians and aligns with proper stewardship of natural resources and economic needs,

The Financial Guarantee is reviewed and revised regularly.

  • The current guarantee covers the period between 2018-2022.
  • OPG has submitted a Notice of Intent to renew its financial guarantee for decommissioning to cover the period between 2023-2027.

Planning for nuclear station decommissioning

It is imperative that Preliminary Decommissioning Plans (PDP) are put into place for OPG’s generating facilities. These plans describe the activities required to decommission OPG’s nuclear stations and restore site locations so that the land may be used for other purposes.

The PDPs for each of OPG’s nuclear sites show that decommissioning is feasible with existing technology and provide a basis for estimating the cost of decommissioning. They also include schedules and cost estimates based on the latest planning assumptions available at the time.

Updated PDPs will be posted here when approved by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (expected mid 2022).