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Darlington Refurbishment Project: The latest news

Explore the most recent news, updates and information about Ontario Power Generation’s
Darlington Refurbishment Project, one of Canada’s largest clean-energy initiatives.

Darlington Refurbishment performance update - Q1 2019

first quarter performance of Darlington Refurbishment, one of Canada’s largest clean energy projects.

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Darlington Unit 3 stator completes its cross-Atlantic voyage

Darlington's Unit 3 stator has arrived. The massive 350-tonne piece of equipment completed its cross-Atlantic voyage from Poland.

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Canadian company manufactures first-of-its-kind valves for the Darlington Refurbishment

Lakeside Process Controls is helping the Darlington Refurbishment improve efficiencies with leading-edge control valve technology.

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Major milestones in sight for the Darlington Refurbishment Project

More than two years after OPG and its project partners began the Darlington Refurbishment project, Unit 2 remains on track for completion early next y...

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OPG releases 2018 fourth quarter performance report on Darlington Refurbishment

The fourth quarter of 2018 came to a successful close on the Darlington Refurbishment with the start of Unit 2 fuel channel assembly and the...

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Indigenous carpenter’s dream leads to the Darlington Refurb

Meet Janelle LaFonte, a carpenter who joined OPG through the Indigenous Opportunities in Nuclear program and is now working on the Darlington Refurb.

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Project admin finds job fit through Indigenous jobs program

Meet Danielle Sero, a project administrator at CanAtom Power Group, who found her job through OPG's Indigenous Opportunities in Nuclear program.

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Fuel channel assembly installation underway at Darlington's Unit 2

Read about the fuel channel assembly installation now underway on Darlington's Unit 2 nuclear reactor and what this critical phase entails.

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Darlington Refurb remains on track at two-year mark

Learn how, as a result of a dedicated team, the Darlington Refubishment Project remains on time and on budget at the two-year mark.

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