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Darlington Refurb Project News

Darlington Refurb remains on track at two-year mark

Just over two years have now passed since OPG and its project partners started the Darlington Refurbishment.

The 10-year mega-project began in October 2016 with the successful shutdown of Unit 2, the first of four nuclear reactors at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station to undergo a mid-life refurbishment.

Workers assemble fuel channels for Darlington's Unit 2.
Workers assemble fuel channels for Darlington's Unit 2.

​Today, with just over a year to go, the Darlington Refurbishment team is installing new components to Unit 2, preparing it for full power restoration by February 2020.

The project remains on time and on budget, with more than 11 million hours worked safely since the start of the project.

“This remarkable achievement is the result of the dedicated team of professionals who are delivering Canada’s largest clean energy project, while generating billions in economic benefits for Ontarians through the creation of thousands of jobs,” said Jeff Lyash, former OPG President and CEO.

This past October, new calandria tubes were successfully installed in the Unit 2 reactor and work is now progressing as planned through the third major segment of the project – the installation and reassembly of reactor components. Installation of new fuel channels is now underway.

OPG has also started the planning and prerequisite activities for refurbishing Unit 3, incorporating lessons learned to date on Unit 2’s execution. The Unit 3 refurbishment is expected to commence upon the return to service of Unit 2.

Auditor General lauds refurb progress

In her value-for-money audit of the Darlington Refurbishment, released as part of the 2018 Annual Report, Ontario’s Auditor General (AG) indicates OPG is diligently managing the project and has incorporated lessons learned from some of the early challenges on the prerequisite projects; used a fair and transparent procurement process; and implemented a clear accountability structure and management processes to successfully deliver the project.

The AG also identified risks that could impact future performance, such as a shortage of skilled trades. To mitigate this risk, OPG is working with vendors, trade unions and colleges to promote careers in trades.