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Nanticoke: From coal fired generation to clean power

The former site of one of North America’s largest coal-fired generating plants is now home to clean power.

Nanticoke Generating Station served Ontario for 41 years until it burned its last piece of coal in 2013. Ontario's closure of its coal plants is still the world's single largest action to fight climate change to date.

With the station and its towering smokestacks now gone, the site is home to a new solar facility that generates 44 megawatts of clean electricity. Nanticoke's transformation reflects OPG's past and its clean future.

Did you know?

15% of

Ontario's electricity was generated by Nanticoke GS in its heyday

44 megawatts

are now generated by the new solar facility

192,431 solar panels

in a total area spanning 158 hectares

20,000 helical piles

(long, steel anchors) have been buried into the ground to support the solar panels