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Our Stories

Our Stories


Our People: Woody Kassouf

18 January, 2019
Woody Kassouf and his birds of prey

Kassouf, who owns and raises birds of prey as a hobby, deployed the birds at Darlington Nuclear to scare away troublesome seagulls.

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The next evolution of nuclear power

15 January, 2019
A Small Modular Reactor (right) compared to a traditional nuclear reactor.

The future of clean power could lie in Small Modular Reactors and OPG is working to bring this exciting new technology to Canada.

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Our People: Hassan Jaber

11 January, 2019
Hassan Jaber, Project Leader – Plant Monitoring

Jaber is a Project Leader at the Monitoring and Diagnostics Centre in Pickering, where he leads the implementation of wireless sensors across OPG’s nuclear and renewable generation fleet.

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Improving dam safety on the Lower Mattagami River

08 January, 2019
Little Long Generating Station

The Little Long Dam Safety Project proposes to increase the discharge capacity at the Little Long spillway structure to improve dam safety along the Lower Mattagami River.

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OPG and Mohawk Council celebrate 10 years of partnership

02 January, 2019
OPG and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne mark 10 years of partnership.

On Oct. 2, more than 70 people from the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, OPG and the Cornwall community to mark the 10th anniversary of the final settlement agreement between OPG and MCA.

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